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最新消息:ww12345678 的部落格重装上线,希望大家继续支持。

Announcing new LCS feature – Latest Kernels

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Installing the latest AX kernel version has the advantage of improving the quality and stability of the product because the kernel bundles all fixes checked in up to the release date.

Until recently, finding the latest AX kernel version required searching for hot-fixes to specific problems and installing the corresponding KB package.

The new feature from LCS, Latest Kernels, allows you to quickly find the latest binaries for all in-market AX 2009 and 2012 versions. They are updated on a monthly basis, although only Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 and R3 are likely to change every month.

To download the latest install package, go to and select the one for your installation.

Latest Kernels

Latest Kernels

All the packages are binary only, so no Application changes are included, which should make the deployment and testing easier.




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