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D365Ops Tip #1: Table browser

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It has been few months that the new AX, Dynamics 365 for Operations is released to market. And being a web client, the Business users and/or Application consultants working with AX, don’t have the privilege of going into the AOT from the Client even with ‘System Administrator’ role in AX.
And one of the most used tool used by any Developer and also sometimes by App. consultants is the Table browser accessing which is a bit different with the New AX – this post illustrates on how to achieve this with a Change in URL.

We can start with an example, please observe the URL in the browser when you try to open the Users form (System Administration > Users > Users).

so now, from here if you want to open Table browser for “Users form”, you can do so without using any tools by just changing the URL.

It could be really tricky to remember or identify the exact TableName for the corresponding FormName. If you are using Google chrome, then you have a shortcut. You can add the Chrome extension – Table Browser Caller for D365 for Operations – https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ax-table-browser-caller/nahbldacmaibopfiiaoboloegpobpccn


Once you have it installed, there will be a small icon on the top-right corner of your screen, clicking upon which you will get options:

  1. Table Browser caller – where you can set the Search, Legal entity, Language..
  2. Config – In this tab, you can set the Base URL for your installation
  3. About – the obvious 🙂
Few advantages:
  • You can browser the entire built-in table list with links to open Table browser directly.
  • You can view / edit records using Table browser without opening Visual studio.
  • The access permissions can be controlled by setting up roles from within AX
Hope this helps and leave your suggestions/comments below. Thanks.

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