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Reporting raw material consumption with the hand held device

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With KB-3164415 a new work flow for the hand held device has been introduced. This work flow enables the user to report raw material consumption for production and batch orders.

This work flow is for example relevant when there is a strict requirement for material traceability. In that case e exact time and quantity for must be reported for the consumption. This process can be seen opposed to back-flushing .

Let’s look at a simple scenario that explains how the new work flow can be used. A production process is consuming a raw material RM that is stored on a license plate 4543 with two batches B1 and B2. The material is registered consumed on a continuous basis.


Configuration of the new flow

First create a new Mobile device menu item with the activity code: Register material consumption

Mobile device menu items

Add the menu item to a Mobile device menu

Mobile device menus

Make the consumption registration on the hand held device

Create a production order for the finished product FG

Create prod order

The production order has a simple bill of material with a raw material RM The Bill of Material line is set up with a flushing principle: Manual.

Flushing principle

The raw material is on-hand with two batches on a license plate on location 00901.

The production order is started.

Start prod order

The production order is now in status: Started.

Start state

Let’s look at an example where the user registers the consumption of 100 lbs. of the raw material RM.

Hand held flow

Some additional comments to the flow:

  • If the user cancels the flow after a journal line is created, then the journal is in an un-posted state.
  • If the same user starts up the flow again, for the same production order, then any new line will be created in the existing open journal.
  • The new flow is also supporting the registration of serial numbers.
  • It is only possible to register an item number that is defined in the bill of material or formula for the selected production or batch order.
  • It is possible to over-consume a material. If a material for example is estimated to be consumed with the quantity of 100 lbs., then it is possible to over-consume with a quantity of for example 105 lbs.










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