ERP实施失败将改变合作伙伴成为值得信赖的顾问 / Failed ERP implementation will change partners to become trusted advisors. – ww12345678 的部落格 | AX Helper
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ERP实施失败将改变合作伙伴成为值得信赖的顾问 / Failed ERP implementation will change partners to become trusted advisors.

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在挪威,客户在客户终止双方有关提供新ERP的协议后,赢得了针对ERP实施合作伙伴的赔偿案件。挪威地方法院以288 mNOK(36,7 mUSD)的评估赔偿了客户。原本合同价值120万美元。你可以在这里阅读完整的故事。预计法院的裁决将被上诉。 幸运的是,这不是Dynamics 365的实施,客户实际上是用Dynamics 365替换了失败的ERP系统。我想写这个故事的原因是它影响了ERP实施合作伙伴承担的风险和责任。 ERP合作伙伴的主要部分是小型公司,员工人数不到100人,因此无法冒险进入这种情况。总有一些问题和风险超出了ERP合作伙伴的控制范围。合作伙伴不是标准软件的开发商公司。他们正在实施,并在某些情况下添加额外的扩展。此外,基于云计算的软件在Azure上运行,超出了合作伙伴的控制范围。 这怎么能改变合作伙伴的行为?合作伙伴正在转向成为垂直化的值得信赖的顾问,但责任有限。我们可以根据我们对软件的了解以及如何有效使用软件提供建议,但成本更多的依据是T&M(时间和材料)。更多的是他们自己负责执行和时间表的客户。 有些客户不会接受这种改变,但其他客户会这样做。 Dynamics 365合作伙伴渠道目前存在资源限制,我们的合作伙伴避免采用后座方式实施项目的客户。销售重点将转向那些自己承担更多责任的客户,他们明白采取更加动态和敏捷的方法。一份400页的需求文档对于一个ERP项目来说并不是一个好的开始,因为我们看到数字化的可能性正在加速。我们还看到,客户在上线之前不会运行2年的ERP实施项目。他们运行了一个90天的项目,只通过部分需求进行实践。然后该项目将采用其他领域,并扩展其对Dynamics 365的使用。 最后,我列出了一些值得信赖的顾问建议,我认为这可以激励任何即将启动项目的人。 In Norwegian a customer won a compensation case against an ERP implementation partner after the customer terminated the parties’ agreement on the supply of a new ERP. The customer was compensated by the Norwegian district court assessed at 288 mNOK (36,7 mUSD). Originally the contract was worth 120 mNOK. You can read the complete story here The court decision is expected to be appealed. Luckily this was NOT a Dynamics 365 implementation, and the customer is actually replacing the failed ERP system with Dynamics 365. The reason why I wanted to write about this story is that it has implications on how much risk and responsibility an ERP implementation partner can take. A major part of the ERP partners are smaller companies with less than 100 employees, than cannot take the risk of getting into such a situation. There are always problems and risks that is beyond what a ERP partner can control. Partners are not the developer company of the standard software. They are implementing, and in some cases adding additional extensions. Also the cloud based software are running on azure that is beyond the control of the partner. How can this change partners behavior? Partners are changing towards becoming verticalized trusted advisors, but with limited responsibilities. We can give recommendations based on what we know about the software and how to use it efficiently but the costs are more on a T&M(Time and Material) basis. It will more be the customer them selves that is responsible for the implementation and time-tables. Some customers will not accept this change, but other do. There are currently resource constrains in the Dynamics 365 partner channel and we partners avoiding customers that takes a back-seat approach towards their implementation projects. The sales focus will change towards those customers that take more of the responsibility themselves, and that do understand to take a more dynamic and agile approach. A 400-page requirement document is not a good start for an ERP project, as we see the digitalization possibilities are accelerating. We also see that customers don’t run a 2 year ERP implementation project before going live. They run a 90 days project to get live with only parts of their requirements. The project then takes on other areas and they extend their use of the Dynamics 365. At the end, I include some trusted advisor recommendations that I think can inspire anyone that is about to start a project.



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